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"Robin is a well qualified inspiration teacher. Through his guidance my daughter has achieved top results in the high level LAMDA examinations." K.S

"I would recommend Robin to anyone for enhancing speech quality, presentation style and elocution. I got results which I am satisfied with." T.H

"Robin is undoubtedly a well qualified and experienced professional. I would have no reservations in recommending him and his services to anybody." G.C.

"Robin is a very experienced speech consultant whom I would recommend to anyone." K.R.

"I had a great time at the sessions we had and I would like to thank you for being such a patient and excellent teacher! I really learnt a lot from you and the cd's and worksheets you provided have proved invaluable. It's one of the best things I have ever done with regards to my self improvement and I cannot thank you enough!!My voice has definitely changed and my accent has softened so much that everyone has noticed. On air I sound a lot more confident, better spoken and I have slowed down a lot, my boss has noticed the difference so I can't complain....THANK YOU!!!" K.

"Very many thanks for your guidance and expert advice. It was a valuable and worthwhile experience. I have gained life skills that I'll apply for many years to come." B

"Dr Robin produced great results for my voice, totally eradicating my accent, leaving me extremely confident in presentation work.

I most definitely recommend Dr Robin for all types of voice coaching, friends family and myself all comment how it was the best thing I ever did." J. E.

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