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Children's Classes

Do you want your child to have:

  • Confidence in spoken English
  • A greater knowledge and understanding of literature
  • Skills necessary for GCSE success
  • An opportunity to gain important qualifications and UCAS points?
A clear speaking voice and correct pronunciation are vital in today’s modern world. Confidence in spoken communication is important for both school and examination success. For those at school, poor verbal skills can mean disappointing marks in GCSEs and failing that all-important college or university interview.

All class are now on ZOOM!

Examinations are online!

UCAS points awarded for higher grades!


All students have the opportunity to work towards and take examinations in speech. The examinations require no written element and are taken online in the privacy of the candidate's own home. Subjects available:

  • Speaking of Verse and Pose
  • Reading for Performance
  • Spoken English
  • Public Speaking
  • Interview Technique

We are a centre for the speech examinations of New Era Academy (NEA).

NEA examinations are very highly regarded by universities and colleges and are registered with the National Framework of Qualifications. They are the perfect compliment to GCSE English Language and Literature. UCAS points are awarded for the higher grade examinations.     

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